18 - 22 05 2016


We start the next edition of Wroclove Design!


We’ll need a large group of volunteers, engaged and ready to take up new challenges. To organize the whole festival without you would be quite a task! Therefore we take the first steps and we call you to participate in this amazing international project.

Are you interested? See what we can offer Why should I become a volunteer of  Wroclove Design 2016?

As our volunteer you’ll become a member of an extraordinary international festival. You’ll not only gain experience in organizing the whole event, but you will also learn many useful skills related to planning, coordinating and implementing various activities. Moreover, you will make friends with a bunch of great young and ambitious people, willing to create something new and unique. Join the team of Wroclove Design volunteers and experience an unforgettable adventure!

How can I become a volunteer of the third edition of Wroclove Design?

It’s easy! Are you 16 or over? Are you ambitious, do you have a lot of enthusiasm for work and do you have free time? Just fill out a short application form, which will insert you into our database. Then wait for an email in which we will notify you about the course of recruitment.

What will I do as a volunteer of Wroclove Design?

Volunteer work during this year's Wroclove Design will be very diverse. Based on your existing skills, experience and preferences you will be allocated to a certain area of activities with specific tasks. The work will be carried out according to a predetermined schedule in close cooperation with project coordinators.

What can I gain by becoming a volunteer?

First of all you will gain valuable work experience. You will not only learn how such festival is organized, but you will also try your hand at cooperation with others and observe their work. This is an opportunity to learn many skills simultaneously, which will be of use in future. Moreover, all participants of Wroclove Design sign a voluntary agreement and they will receive a volunteer certificate of completion. It can be also qualified as internship.

We’re waiting for you! Fill out a short questionnaire and join our creative team of Wroclove Design 2016 volunteers :)

Here's application form

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us: