18 - 22 05 2016


The mysterious word DESIGN appears more and more often in adult-to-adult conversations. It is strange and incomprehensible – spelled and pronounced differently. Why? Could it be a creature from another planet? And if so, does it have very large eyes and sharp fangs? Does it bite or can be tamed?


If you want, we will help you answer these bothering questions, and if you dare – you will have the opportunity to meet design personally! There are rumors that design will be walking around the KIDS DESIGN SPACE during Wroclove Design.

The exhibition consists of 14 prototypes created in cooperation of more than 200 children aged 6-14 with 24 renowned Polish designers. You will see that the design is not as black as it is painted.
It has no fangs or claws, actually it is friendly and very fond of children. It haven’t been born in one particular country. It can be in many places at the same time and its greatest dream is to facilitate the life of people all over the world. So it appears where everyday objects are created – lamps, tables, chairs or favorite toys. Design is always there, but sometimes it is not easy to notice!

Additionally, there will be a guide available for children, which will allow them to plan the walk better and will suggest a couple of interesting ideas to diversify the exhibition. Who said exhibitions have to be boring?!

Designers engaged in the project: BASK / Barbara Śniegula / Joanna Rusin and Anna Lehmann / Kubasek Studio / MALAFOR / Mariusz Gorzelak / Ola Mirecka / Oskar Zięta / Paper Heroes / PORT / Pracownia Jasiewicz / Razy2 / Robert Pludra / Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture: Anna Bać, Piotr Michalski, Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik.

Honorary patronage: Minister of National Education, Children’s Commissioner, Marshal of Lower Silesia, Mayor of Wroclaw and the Department of Education of the City of Wroclaw

Ambassador: Małgorzata Szczepańska – Elle Decoration Polska editor in chief
Curators Aleksandra Solińska, Aleksandra Krupa
Illustration: Anna Sztromwasser
Design project: Marcin Cibor, Magdalena Grudzień
Organizer:  Fundacja Open Mind