18 - 22 05 2016


In the modern education system the methods based on verbal and numerical values are the main methods of process of knowledge transfer. Many studies have shown, however, that the activation of teaching methods enabling to directly see or touch contributes to easier understanding. Exploring the reality is inseparable from observation, experience helps to understand it and experiment creates the conditions to explore and create new value.

Intergraph is an interactive drawing educational tool, that allows to understand the value of sounds on diatonic scale, that results from the relationship of their frequencies and observation of changes happening in the wave generated during the value and volume of sound changes. The mechanism allows direct observation of the relations taking place during drawing a form, and the use of electronic components has enabled to complete the transmitted content with sound values.

Mechanical waves are important physical phenomena. To mechanical waves belong acoustic waves, namely sounds. The sound is inseparably linked with music. Music systems are based on mathematical relationships of sound frequencies, and such dependence can be presented graphically. On the basis of these findings a device the primary objective of which is to highlight the similarities and connections between physics, mathematics and music has been created.

The form of the device results from its function, design and purpose. The device is foldable and does not require additional components used for storage or transportation. The platform on which the drawing is formed is at the same time a closing cover. The inside of the cover there is a space for the foldable vertical mechanisms, slides and power supply. The handle that slides out makes carrying simple. The device is designed for places connected with education. It will work out both in the physics workshops and music schools.