18 - 22 05 2016

About us

Consumption is an inseparable companion of capitalism. One fuels another so they make an ‘ideal’ couple, but there is one element missing - needs.


Needs govern us from the first day of our life. They can be divided into several categories, among others those that are essential to survive, and those that won’t decide on our existence. Buying and possession certainly belong to the latter group. They are very close to consumerism, which has become a hot topic (or even a nightmare?) of our times.


Indisputably we consume, but do we do that consciously? Do we know what makes us buy, which sometimes turns into a shopping madness? We are tempted by advertisements, sales, colors, intentional exposure of products, always ‘new’ products on the shelves. Who wouldn’t yield to the temptation? Well, who?


The ideal consumer is always ‘hungry’ because his/her needs multiply, and thus continually stimulate production of goods. You may ask: what's wrong with that? The thing is we’ve just lost control over it. In search for personal satisfaction we’ve forgotten about the world around us. Wondering what would happen if we added certain amount of consciousness to the buying process.


FOR SALE: DESIGN, the slogan of the third edition Wroclove Design, will serve as a pretext for reflecting on the role of design in the contemporary world model - world for sale. Where should we place design on the scale between mass product and a work of art? Will this sphere be a cure for madness of buying more and more? If design is for sale as well, which its characteristics may transform us into conscious consumers?


We’ll invite you to a shopping center in Bielany Wrocławskie, to think and talk about the reasons and consequences of consumerism, and above all about the role of good design in conscious consuming.


Hope to see you there!